About Us

Hi welcome to Style Showroom featuring Violets Handmade Vintage.

A variety of fashion, home items and handmade fashion accessories.

I design make and sell ladies scarves and corsages. 

I take my inspiration from the old classic, vintage styles of films like Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, and Rebecca.

I love the atmosphere that these films create and the quality of their story telling. I feel that the classic styles of this period stand out and help to tell the stories of a different time and place.

I am always thinking of these influences when I design and make a new accessory, so that this old world charm may be experienced once again as contemporary designs for the modern woman.

I also take influences from modern day films such as The Dressmaker and Working Girl. 

I really like the work of Coco Chanel and she is my favourite designer.

I have ten years experience working in the field of fashion and design and completed a degree in fashion in 2008 at Leeds Metropolitan University.

Since that time I have worked for several respected designers.

I am located in Torquay, Devon, England.



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